I just got an American-made Strat and I am in need of a better amp to play it with.

Right now I have a peavey rage 258, like 25 watts.

Looking for something a little juicier and versitile so I can get some good distortion, light and heavy, good clean sound and bluesy sound.

Budget is like.........600$

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how heavy do you go?

Hah not really metally heavey, just some classic rock.
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do you gig/play in a band?

Small solo gigs, doesn't have to be too beastly.
vox ac15 or maybe a fender hot rod if you need to play over a drummer. both sound great with single coil guitars.
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a modded peavey valveking

...just no, he can do a lot better then a valveking, and he doesn't need 40 watts
Classic 30, blues jr, crate v18, I think traynor makes a 20 watt ycv, ac15 maybe.
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^ +1 i'd personally be looking at the classic 30 and some of the traynors. at $600 you're almost within range of the ycv40 or 50...
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...just no, he can do a lot better then a valveking, and he doesn't need 40 watts

i wonder how many kids with valveking will start getting defensive
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lol i wanna see how many kids with valveking will start getting defensive

Not this one, he can do much better for 600

I'd say either a Classic 30 or a Traynor
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I'd definitely look at a Peavey Classic 30.
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In the US, a Classic 30 sounds like your best bet.

Or maybe a Fender tube amp if the heaver side of your playing isn't so important.
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