Right this has happened a couple of times recently and like 3 times in the last hour
I've just been running my PC and a loud sparking/crackling noise has come from the inside of the CPU, followed by the computer shutting off then turning on again. The crackling sounds electrical, what could be the problem?
I've checked that there are no metal wires or objects touching the metal casing
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Check the cpu fan, it should be tight and not move.

Also, you could try turning it on while it's open (stand back though)
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make sure the fan is cleaned out and working. also check to make sure that the graphics card's fan is not touching anything. double check for crossed wires too. you might have missed something.
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probably the power supply. Usually some sort of transformer or capacitor goes on it and then arcs to the ground wire.

If it's not that then it's probably your motherboard and then you're screwed.
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