Would it be worth it to get an acoustic-electric instead of a regular acoustic. I'm thinkin that I won't want an acoustic-electric, if it doesn't sound as nice as a regular acoustic. Is an acoustic-electric going to sound as nice as a regular acoustic, while unplugged? Or should I just get a regular, and mic it when I want to make it louder.
They are generally the same thing when unplugged. The acoustic/electric just has pickups inside
depends on budget. acoustic + mic is cheaper but electro-acoustic guitars are generally better made. but as i said, depends on budget.
Yeah, My electro-acoustic sounds the same as my Acoustic, its just more handy at gigs etc...
the sound depends on your guitar. You can get $500 acoustics and $500 acoustics with electronics as well as $3000 or $6000 w/ and without. Obviously a $500 w/o electronics and a $3000 with electronics are totally different then one another for more then one reason. Depending on your preferences in tone a $500 w/ electronics may sound better unplugged to you then another manufacturer's $500 no electronics. Sometimes they sound better plugged in then they do mic'd or maybe even both mixed together.

The model of the electronics is also important and whether it has more then one pickup. Some for example has a tiny little microphone as well as sensor based pickups and then it either A) blends them or B) sends them out in stereo to let you decide which to favor. Most just have one sensor/pickup/mic/whatever.
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