Thread title sounds soooo wrong
Squier Standard Telecaster.
Random Ibanez GIO superstrat
Takamine EG440C Maple Blue

Line 6 Spider III 30 w
Blackheart Killer Ant
Blackheart Little Giant

Line 6 Pod X3 Live
Line 6 Toneport UX-2
The no "So cal" models do look pretty good.

However, a guy on Jemsite reckons the one he tried was terrible and that it isn't actually an OFR, however another guy loved the one he bought.
I probably won't get to try one being in the UK, but they sure do look great.
That strat style one (pickguard, HH, floyd) looks great, apparenlty routed HSH too, even better.
I'd love to try one, and I'm glad that they did a tele shaped one, may help people believe that a shape doesn't change how a guitar sounds.
That's gorgeous! I'm making a Charvel style guitar at the moment, non-recessed floyd, Seymour Duncan bridge pickup (no neck) and maple neck. All the good stuff!

By the way, I love the Orange finish with the black hardware.
Meh, doesn't look to special. Gimme a Blackmachine or that HR Giger Xiphos though and you may well end up explosively stuck to a wall with semen
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