I think im doing it all wrong. Im trying to play Smells Like Teen Spirit, but i cant seem to do it anywhere near fast enough. I think my hand positioning may be wrong. Is there any chance of sombody posting a picture to show me how my strumming hand should be paced as i feel as if my palm is too far away from the strings when strumming normally.
You don't need to palm mute in that song, palm muting is when you use your picking hand to mute the strings. In smells like teen spirit you just place your fingers from your fretting hand over the strings lightly to mute them.
theres not really palm muting in that song. you kind of just strum some of the chords with your fingers barely touching the notes. im sure somebody on UG can tell u wat its actually called i dont know the real name.

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Roll the fat of your hand to the neck side, then place the hand on the bridge. You can roll the fat up on the strings however much you want.