I am looking at three fender tube amps. I am looking at the Hot Rod Deville 410, the Blues Deville 410, and the '65 Twin Reverb Amp. What difference does the 410 and 212 have? What is the difference in sound? I play blues, classic rock, and country. And i have a SRV Signature Stratocaster. What is basically the difference between these three amps?
I can tell you that the 4x10 speaker setup will have it's own unique sound, but the 2x12 will give you more bottom-end girth. Some people generally prefer the added bottom end in their one provided by the 2x12.
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Is the hotrod deville, blues deville, and '65 Twin Reverb all the same in quality level? Or is the '65 Twin Reverb better? I noticed its a little bit more than the devilles. Its also 85 watt instead of 60 watts. Does this really make a difference? I ve also heard that Twin Reverb has a better reverb than the devilles, however the twin reverb i understand does not have an overdrive channel? Also, i heard that the "vibrato" channel on the twin reverb is really "tremelo". Does the deville have this?