I didn't know where to put it so...yeah.

The only things I know about Jazz Fusion are Atheist, Cynic, Larry Mitchell and Frank Gambale

So recommend me something along those lines. I'm thinking songs like Textures by Cynic, so if you know of any, recommend them to me.

EDIT: I also know a bit of Stanley Jordan.
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Quote by Eric 666
I'm thinking songs like Textures by Cynic,

thought you meant the band textures
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Quote by FretboardToAsh
thought you meant the band textures

They are awesome
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Allan Holdsworth
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Trio Of Doom

How could I forget Holdsworth...geez, I'm off, the Carvin catalogs are crawling with him all over and I've never heard him, thanks.
Along with those already stated:

Return to Forever
Jaco Pastorius's debut album
Some Jeff Beck
Stanley Clark

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