So im pretty new to this. as in everything guitar related. So please no loln0ob111!!!111'/1/1 comments.

For the past year ive just jammed in my room on a crappy westfield strat type guitar, i dunno what it is, and played through a G2 Zoom pedal and a 10W bog standard marshall amp, no problems, got a tone i liked considering the guitar. Only recently i thought, i can play alright now, bout time i upgraded gear. So today i purchased a Line 6 Spider III 15W. also planning on buying an ESP LTD EX-400, but a tad broke Anyway, plugged it in turned it up to a level that wouldnt piss off the parents and theres a terrible hiss. Ive never had to deal with this to be honest, i could turn my 10W marshall to maximum volume and while it sounded absolute shite like that, not being able to handle the sound, it still had no hiss, no background noise, no humming, nada, nothing.

Now, with or without the pedal, be it clean, crunch, metal or insane, using the built-noise gate, whatever i do, even at low levels theres a horrible hiss, and palm muted notes seem to..buzz for a second or two after being struck, not a tonal buzz, more of a static buzz. Ive tried every combination of settings with and without the pedal so im stuck. Perhaps its cause its a shit guitar? I know the EMG humbuckers are said to have loads less background noise but alas, ive yet to play with a set.

Any comments here would be appreciated..provided its nothing derogatory. If i have been a complete noob and overlooked something majorley basic then..lolye. sorry.
have you got any electrical apliances on ?,ckeck your leads/input and the noise gate on the amp
by pressing the tap tempo and reverb nob simultainuasly
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Seriously, if possible try n return the amp even if it isn't broken because what you've done there is gone from a 10w p.o.s to a 15w p.o.s, you really aren't gaining anything with that amp, just save up for a little tube amp of some sort.
^Lewis there exist good practice amps in his budget.

TS - if you bought it today you should be able to get it replaced. But..... Since we have you here...

What is your total budget if you were to maybe consider a different amp?
What kind of music do you play? Please list some bands.
Do you just practice at home or do you ever need to keep up with a drummer?
Would you consider good used amps?
Played nicely at the store, but it was on a different guitar, and it was louder than when this hissing presents itself, it is returnable if it comes to that yeah. I did have a laptop and an LCD tv on, i turned both off and it seemed to be okay, but slightly higher and it was back, if i was too close to the amp it was hurrendous so obviously i tried it furthest away as possible, no electrical appliances. Still there. Didnt try any others as line 6 spiders had been highly reccomended to me, so i guess i was kinda naive in not trying anything else. I just cant see why one amp gives shit loads of feedback, and the other, supposedly not as good, zero feedback. boggles me mind yo

there isnt a total budget really, just means saving an extra month. But id like my EX-400 asap. Id always consider a different/used amp yes. I just play at home, no band, yet. Looking though.

Stuff i play, metallica, sabbath, maiden, acdc, arch enemy, trivium, bullet, led zepellin so on etc. Wide variety of sounds.
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I'd say return the Spider, stick with the Marshall for now, and save up for the EX-400 or a medium-sized tube amp.
When you play a $500 guitar through a $99 amp, you get a $99 tone. Your sound/tone comes from the amplifier, literally. You aren't doing that guitar any justice or your ears - or those around you. Are you set in stone on the direction of your budget regarding the amp and guitar?

If you are set on that budget for your amp, which is too often the bane of these threads, I would recommend that you try a Roland MicroCube, Vypyr 15 watt and a Vox Da5. See what you think of those small cheap practice amps. But I urge you to rethink your approach here and weigh more cash towards the amp.
^So much win in that post. TS please consider spending more on the amp.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
It just seemed to me that the guitar itself would take presedence (SP?) price wise over the amp. I didnt wanna pay £500 (based in the UK) for some 150something+ watt amp cause, well, i dont gig, simple as. Im not able to play particuarly loud anyway since the parents are ****ing..well. parents. I know very well videos from people you dont know arent generally something to go by, but ive seen various videos on youtube, with people "sound testing" the exact amp i bought, and theyre playing through it with a top end guitar. (one of those serious testers, not some kid in his bedroom LOOK I BOUGHT NEW STUFF YEYEYEDDDD) and the worst coming from the amp is a minute buzz.

I'll look into the amps that have been reccomended, and spending more on the amp, as it seems its gonna be nessecary(SP!), and any light shed on why, if perhaps some electronic whizzkid for example, could shed some light on why the 2 amps differ so greatly, would be greatly appreciated, out of sheer curiosty.

thanks for the help and the swift replies guys =]
OK, you don't need 150 watts, not gigging is allowed and parents are parents, be careful - I'm one.
If you decide to spend more money on the amp, the list changes. But prices and available amps changes depending on what part of the 3rd rock you are on. Nearest major city? Also, is it safe to assume you want built in effects, delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, etc etc? Or just enough gain for the bands you list?

Edit: Oh, and amps are like cars, they come in all shapes, sizes, quality and obviously, costs. That's why two little amps can look almost identical and one can cost 10x the amount of the other.
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The best way I could explain why an amp is more important is:

Giving me a JTM45(what angus young plays) and I guarantee I could get very close to his tone with about any guitar (besides a single coil strat), but give me an angus young sg and twin reverb and I won't be close.

Another way to think about it is that the guitar puts out pretty much zero wattage, the amp pumps it up to 15, 20, 100 watts. A lot happens between guitar and speaker to get that sound. And just because you're spending more doesn't mean you're going to get a louder amp. The power of the amp has nothing to do with how it will sound.

I understand you're only doing bedroom practice, but if you ever plan on jamming or playing with a band it pays to have an amp that is capable.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Well the best quote ive heard is something like, A ferrari and a family saloon, both can do 70mph, just one does it better, i get that. Nearest major city is birmingham, which is a good hours drive from me. While taking into account the fact that you'll get a $99 tone for a $99 amp, regardless of it being a $500 guitar (which i dont yet have), what about the other way, played a $50 guitar through a $99 amp? Wouldnt i only get $50 tone? I dunno im just throwin out ideas. Ive watched numerous vidoes on this amp since posting this, and time after time they seem to get what im ultimatley after, which is starting to drive home that half the problem would be my guitar. Being a single coil, crap, guitar. Not very metal is it? Not really gonna give those palm muted crunches im after.

My original point of this thread was ultimatley the unwanted noise, and while i appreciate there are others as previously stated, that are better(just a general statement), and in the same price range, and while may seem great on some video, how can i be sure they arent gonna hiss more than a pissed off snake you just trod on, laughed at, poked with a stick, put in a jar, showed your girlfriend, who takes it, and runs it over. I cant till i play through them..which i did, and it DID sound nice. COULD it just be a crap guitar?

Edit: and yes those effects would come into use from time time, never had the oppurtunity with the marshall 10w. only had vol, gain, gain vol and tone knobs. Didnt accomodate much variety.
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Your post and point of view in life is hilarious. And your logic is good. I think a $50 guitar through a $99 amp gets you a $99 tone all the same.
But you hit the nail on the head with the single coil strat and metal. They don't work out any better than Kevin Saale trying to pull Angus out of a twin reverb. haha
All said a guitar with a humbucker in the bridge position is truly in order. But you don't need to break the bank getting one. Yes, I believe single coils are your biggest hurdle, provided you like the amps tone. But think about a quality amp when your ready, not just a bigger version of your amp. Try other amps, ask questions before pulling the trigger on it.
Then roll on christmas for moneys! Id get it tomorrow..if the taxman didnt hate us all and deduct 2/8 of my total wage, then spend it on absolute utter bollocks. Lets not forget im paying through the teeth for car insurance simply because im a 19 year old male. Then theres rent. Then theres everything else that seems to bite you in the arse. So i'll get a new guitar, 80/61 EMG active humbuckers, passive would serve better for unwanted noise reduction, but then a sheet of foil can often have the same effect when placed up a guitars jacksey. <I honestly have no idea what the hell im on about If it doesnt work, then ill go to work on an amp serving my needs, and sell this one, seems 99% of people like them.

On a closing note, thanks for everything said here, learnt a surprising amount about amps n stuff. Also, Explorers are pretty damn hot. but thats not why im buying it.
Active pickups and that amp aren't going to agree with each other. And no on the tin foil, welcome to UG btw. G'nite.
^Tin foil works for shielding. Actives ought to be alright, maybe not optimal. You'd probably have to turn the guitars volume down so you don't drive the front end of the amp too hard.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I never tried the tin foil deal, thanks Kevin! *disassembles alien mind-control protection helmet*...
It works pretty well on the cheap, though if you're gonna shield your git, you might as well go all the way and get copper foil.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I thought he was talking about "shoving it up the ole jacksey..."
Inside as a shield sure.
I thought he meant shielding the guitar, maybe I'm wrong, there was a lot of english english in that post that, quite frankly, confused the hell out of me.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Agreed, I never re-read so much in one day. I haven't started drinking yet but suspect the TS was.
Hey hey. im not drinking. much. and yeah i was on about putting foil inside the guitar round the back or summet. jacksey. backside. ya know. its not too english jesus :[

Ok well, lets say a $400 (£200) budget on amp, reccomended for an active EMG set?