I was thinking of buying this guitar. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-G-310-SG-Electric-Guitar-518280-i1149969.gc
I tried it out in a store near me I liked it, but I have no professional guitar experience outside of that. The only guitar I own is a crappy Burswood Strat copy. So I'm looking for a guitar in this price range but want to get the best for this amount, I'll try to try out all guitars suggested and then choose.

EDIT: Sorry, I mostly play any kind of rock and metal.
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My friend owns this guitar. I have Used it. I played live with it once. It is definitely worth buying for an intermediate level player. I say if you got the cash go for it. It looks cool, it plays nice, and sounds very pro. Those double Humbuckers are pretty beasty on a Marshall full stack, you get everything. they pick up pinch harmonics beautifully. that guitar plays nice for pretty much all styles. Go for it.