At the moment i have a Standard Fender Precision (Made In Japan) (£400ish). With a Marshall MB15, and Zoom B2.1U (which i dont use all the time).

Sometimes when playing i get a static noise from my guitar which will go away when i place my finger or hand on the strings...

I'm looking to upgrade and i need advice what are the best most cost effetive and perfomance effective ways of upgrading my guitar.

I have been playing for around 3-4 years and I normally play music along the lines of RHCP. I also play Muse, Primus. I like funk, metal and punchy basslines.

I have around £300 to spend. (maybe stretch to 4)

I was looking at buying a Fender Rumble 100, but have heard that a Head And Cabinet are better, however I'm not sure if a good one is in my price range.

Ive also been looking at pickups but have no idea what improvement (if any) they would make.

Any advice and suggestions would be apprieciated

New Amp. And don't get the Rumble 100, I have it and I it has some flaws. Not to mention, it is easily outclassed in it's price range.

As for a new one, I would look Ashdown.
Spend 5 on a soldering iron and open that bass up to fix the grounding issue. If you want to play with a band, sell the amp, and keep an eye out for good used deals. I should think you could get a pretty decent amp for 300 used, but I don't really know how marked up prices are in the UK.

Ashdowns are often cited as good deals, so are acoustic amps. Low end ampeg, and low end GK are no good in my book, so steer clear or at least try them out with a skeptical ear. Of course you should hit the shops and see what you like in the price range.
Thanks again for the reply. I'll be taking my bass down the guitar shop to get the grounding fixed im not confident enough to open it up myself.

I've found a Ashdown MAG 300 1x15 EVOII combo for £200, with my style of music how will this amp sound? Anybody have anything to say about the amp?
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