I've been looking into what tubes to retube my Peavey VB-2 bass amp with when the time comes. As this will be my first retubing I don't want to be caught off-gaurd. After doing some research, i found that an EL-34 pentode(as my amp requires) averages about 25watts. My amp has six of these so i would imagine that comes to 150watts, and i also read so in the tube sticky.

6x EL34s/ 6L6≈ 150 watts in Class A/B

The vb-2 is advertised at 225watts. I believe this would mean that my amp puts out 150 watts before distortion and 225 is the max output.

My question is: Am i right in assuming the 225 wattage rating is max output or did i get confused somewhere?
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I would ask over in the Bass Guitar forum if you have not already. They talk about Bass amps a lot.

All I know is advertized watts is not always actual watts. It's possible that is simply the full capacity if all the speakers were going at max. You need to check the RMS wattage on go off of that. My guess is that it is 150 but what do i know bumpy.
Your output transformer can make up the difference. Take the Mesa boogie F-30, it uses only 2 el84s which are typically only good 7-8 watts each, Mesa boogie manages to get 15 watts out of each tube by using very efficient Output transformers. So really 37.5 watts per EL34 is achievable when used with the right transformer. Peavey Does not state if its if that rating is RMS, but I think its safe to say that it is because they state power rating in the exact same way on all there other products. So your amp actual makes 225 watts RMS, as far as what tube to get, JJ EL34s, SED WingedC and the New Stock Mullards, are all good sounding tubes that wont cost you an arm and a leg. Look at the www.Thetubedepot.com the have good prices and selection.
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