Hi, I just got a new acustic electric guitar and like my username says, I'm relatively new at guitar. As such I didn't even know there was a difference between the kind of amps I could get, an acoustic amp or electric amp. What are the main differences and how well can one be used with one type of guitar or the other? Thanks for your responses.
I use a regular amp with my acoustic electric. I want to have an acoustic amp for it though because it gives you a better sound and less feedback. I have also been told that playin an acoustic into a normal amp too loud can damage the speaker.
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well an acoustic guitar amp is made fot your new guitar. the acoustic amp is made to better sound like an acoustic guitar as its projected through the amp (obviously). the eletric guitar amp will have the sound made for the eletric guitar(shocker). the settings on the electric amp will give it the clean sound and if you hit the boost/distortion button/switch will give your electric the classic sound. so to sum it up, get the acoustic amp.
An acoustic-electric played through an electric guitar amp will distort, because of the extremley high output in the acoustic. Vise versa, an electric guitar played through an acoustic amp will be very muddy sounding, and the tone will be rather flat. If your only playing the acoustic then I highly recommend going with an acoustic amp.
Quote by MacAdam
I have also been told that playin an acoustic into a normal amp too loud can damage the speaker.

That's just not true. The only amp that wouldn't be able to handle an acoustic is a bass amp. You can play an acoustic through any amp meant for electric guitars.

The difference between an acoustic & any other amp is that an acoustic amp is meant to be clearer to accent the natural tones of the acoustic.
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