Epiphone SG G-310 ($310)
Zoom G1X Multi Effects Pedal ($115)

I was wondering if that is a good combination for a total cost of around $875 AUD. I currently have a Fender squier with a Squier SP-10 amp. I am really looking to upgrade and get a good guitar with a much better amp that can get all sorts of sounds out of it.

I was also wondering if the Zoom G1X pedal gives a good wah sound much like the crybaby, I saw the pedal has some nice effects including the wah so I want to compare it to the standard crybaby.
I love the Vox valvetronix series, but I must say, I would choose between the amp or the pedal. The Vox has effects adn some combination effects (i.e. delay/reverb) and I believe they are great quality. If you want to get the pedal, you could get something like a small fender hot rod or something cheaper. The only thing I have to say about the epiphone sg is when I tried it out, it felt significantly heavier than the gibson sg's, which they are notable for their lightweight. It plays ok though. That's pretty much it but I will say, I love the vox.
I am definitely getting the pedal and that guitar. Does anyone have a good amp to go with it? I really like VOX amps and I was looking at the Fender Frontman 15g at one stage.

The most important kind of sound I want to get out of the amp is one like in this video.

EDIT: I was also looking at a new LCD tuner, my squier analog one is really bad and difficult to use. Anything around 10-15 bucks would be great.
I've heard nothing but badness against the fender frontman series. I would stay away personally. You could find a nice tube power amp to plug your effects board in.
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if i were you, i'd do my best to stay away from anything lower than the G-400 in terms of epiphone SG's. they dont make too many quality guitars lower than that guitar, especially for a second guitar (and if you have that much money to spend on gear). if you get an amp with built in effects, as someone said, the pedal may be obsolete. and if you have no problem buying online, go to rondomusic.com and look at guitars around the same price range you set for your new guitar. at the price you'd pay for a G-310 you can get a guitar that would be close to double the quality of the epiphone at that website.

good luck either way!
people need to quit advising to rondomusic.com

they're gonna get all popular and raise their prices just like every other dam guitar company
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dont get the zoom, get the G400 if you can.

the zoom is dodgy. my cousin has one, well, had, he ditched it.

save up once you get the guitar and amp combo, and get a G7 or 9 if you wanna head down that road.

TBH, i have a G7, and for some reason (im assuming pure lazyness to set it back up)
im playing from my guitar straight into my spider II amp. and it doesnt sound that bad :S

very digital though.. but yeah, anything less than a G7 is crap.

hard to operate, and the parameters arnt wide enough IMO
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