Because this week my guitar teacher raised the "action" (i think that's the term), and now it seems like the strings are almost like an acoustic guitar but not quite. Are they supposed to be that high on an electric guitar?
why would he rasie your action???

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As far as i know its just personal taste. If you dont like it restore previous setting?
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I think he did because he said it would help keep the guitar in tune better. It seems too high though. If i want to lower the strings back down do I just turn that thing on the bridge?
Basically, you want it as low as possible without the strings buzzing when you fret any fret. So lower it a bit, test, lower, test, and keep going until you get buzz, then raise it a tad to what it was.

Your guitar shouldn't go out of tune because of action. If it is, maybe check your tuners and your trem (if it's a FR, it takes some setup)