Is it worth saving for an ibanez with just a regular bridge or one of the mono-rail type ones. Do they have any advantages over regular bridges?

P.S. Sorry for all the posts but couldnt find a thread for this anywhere
ibanez is great. i have regular bridge and it works great. (although i've never had a mono-rail type one)
I really never quite understood the whole monorail bridge business...
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the Accu-Cast bridges by Ibanez are sweet, easy string changes and they're big chunky things.....but the Mono Rail is Holy Grail...less vibration between the strings because each string has its own individual "bridge" / saddle sorta ..plus they look cool
Neither have I. Maybe some angel will ride in on a giant, golden monorail bridge and explain it's significance to us!

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I doubt monorail does anything. I have one, and my cheap Ibanez with it's little chrome piece of recycled metal can sustain just as long. without a neck through design or all that thick mahogany. the only advantage is you found a luthier dumb enough to use 4 bridges when one works just as fine.
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