My crappy guitar's finish is starting to come off, how bad is this gonna effect my sound?
depends,where is it?
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not too much. unless the finish is really thick-layered and is starting to come off. what really matters is the wood.
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on the edge, on the back, about 4 inches towards the neck from the input jack. You can see a pic of my guitar on my profile
I don't think it will have any affect on your guitar's sound, or even the guitar at all. Unless the guitar's finish is so thick that it effects the vibration, etc... then you should be fine.
It won't effect it at all if it's just small scratches and scuffs here and there. If you were to strip the whole finish off the guitar then it would make the guitar sound slightly 'brighter', but that's it. Even then that'd only happen if the wood the guitar body and neck was made of was the highest quality, most resonant wood around.
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Sand it down to the wood, then put lacquer on it! I like my guitars like I like my women.. all natural
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