Crit. 4. Crit. I can't explain why I wrote it. Kind of just a spilling of emotion from the past two days.

You make your through the crowds of people, gathering like nuns at a mission
You swing your gentle arms around my shoulders, and I submit
You tell me you wanted to see me today, and I agree, it has been too long
But my tongue is tied and the things I want to say I can’t admit

How do I tell you I can’t make any promises?
I hate to say I won’t always be there
When I can I could be your side
And I would in a minute of time
I’ll do anything but I can’t do it all

I can’t say the words I’ve always wanted to
I don’t know, my thoughts are unclear
When I can speak again you’ll be the first to hear
So I’ll lie awake until the morning comes
And arranges my emotions into confusing puzzle pieces
But I’ll try harder and harder everyday to do my best

How can I tell you I can’t make any promises?
How do I say I can’t make you everything?
My love is not the best or worst or in between
It is in and of itself
I can’t do anything but I’ll surely try