Ok, so i'm looking into buying a new amp, and I'm currently interested in a Carvin V3. Now, I know the whole "try before you buy" philosophy, but Carvin is only dealt in stores in California, and im a 15 year old kid from Pennsylvania. So anyway, can anybody tell me why or why not to buy the V3? I play everything from Jazz to Metal.

They have a good return policy, so, go for it. If you like sound clips then and you've tried other amps you ought to be alright.
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I bought my V3 about 8 months ago, and am extremely pleased with it. The only con i can think of is the gain gets a bit fizzy at extreme levels, But this can be fixed some by turning down the Presence knob. Overall i would give the V3 a 9.5 outta 10. Your cant really get much better for $900. I say go for it
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