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Candy Apple red
12 26%
olympic white or G&L white
19 40%
all black(david gilmour style)
16 34%
Voters: 47.
1. wats your favorite strat color? it would rock if you put on a picture...

2. i need to decide between these: candy apple red, olympic white (or white in G&L), or all black strat(like david gilmour except it's gonna be G&L legacy).....

3. American standard strat or G&L Legacy?

The guitar will be maple fingerboard.
I like black guitars, but thats personal preference really, and from my experience the G&L Legacy is an all around better guitar than the American Standard Strat.
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white or red, black is for metal guitars, plus white kicks ass and red is sexy
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I have a strat is solid flat black....and its cold as ice
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white is my personal fav. and sorry i can't help you out with which brand. never played a g&L
Red. Especially with a gold pickguard, looks verrry nice IMO. Olympic white ones look nice too, especially with an aged pickguard, knobs, and pickup covers. If i got one, which i will soon, i think itll be a red one.
With a maple fretboard? I've always thought the best two options for maple fretboards are either black body/white pickguard, or a burst of any kind heavily faded (though don't go down the god-awful fake 'relicing' route). Out of the options posted.... I wouldn't want any of them with a maple fretboard.

Though for what it's worth, Olympic White (or any other bright, non-'Vintage/Classic' white) is a great choice with a dark pickguard and a rosewood or ebony fretboard. Pretty much the only reason why I bought the Squier Vintage Modified strat - I don't even play the thing, it just sits there looking pretty.
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Midnight wine. I miss my old Strat :[. My new one doesn't stand up to its beauty.

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if i get red or white, what kind of pickguard and pickup covers should i get>?
for red i might get white or pearl white(like the old strat plus).....
and anyone saw a blue strat that's american and in my budget? (about 1k)
Butterscotch blonde + black pickguard + pickups is ultimate sexiness... it's the only strat color I'm GASing for at the moment.

In the context of your personal dilemma, I'd say get all black. It's just classy.
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I'm not so keen to the candy apple red, but the normal red, not wine red... like torch red, as found on Corvette's + white pickguard... niiiiice.

Bright and clean white, not a favorite, however, the Yngwie aged white.... bueno!
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i love the light blue ones
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