Okay guys.
I need to upgrade my amp shit.
Right now, I just have the Line 6 Spider 3.
I want to get a better amp,
And a good distortion pedal I could use for Thrash, preferrably in the Digitech line of pedals.
Any suggestions?
Budget please.

And why the hell do you want a Digitech pedal?


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Since you have no budget I say get a Marshall JCM800 - you shouldn't need a distortion pedal with one of these... but if you do get one and it HAS to be a Digitech, check out their new Hardwire Metal Distortion... but I would recommend something like a ProCo Rat.
What you really Need is a Dual Rectifier. You Might want a full stack just for some extra Omph.
Sig What?
Quote by mcrfobtai
You probably just need an OD too boost it.

Yea. I just recommended a Rat because thats what James Hetfield used in the early 80's and I'm a huge Metallica fan