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35 52%
32 48%
Voters: 67.
Personally, I like my dad a lot more, because he plays bass and we can jam and stuff.

Poll soon.
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mmm, My dad, I can smoke weed with him xD
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im not gonna decide that cause my dad is dead...
you might be able to decide which parent you like better but its impossible to decide which one you love more
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I'm gonna say dad, which I predict will be the answer of every male in a household with both parents.

I remember being in grade school and someone brought up this question. All the girls said mom and boys said dad. Ah the memories...
im gonna be backwards and say mom. she throws shit at my friends when theyre being morons and calls everyone a douchebag
My mom makes me drinks and shit, but my dad's always there when I need a kick in the ass.

So both
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my parents abhor each other but they're nice to me. I guess I like them both equally?
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dad, he is much cooler doesn't really care what i do but mom is very strict and can be a real bitch at times
My dad, because my mom ran off on me when I was 2.
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my dad. my mom is bipolar AND going through menopause. its complete hell.
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i say my mom. my dad is the opposite of me.

and my mom broke my nose once, found my 10 year old sister drunk and caught my brother fapping.

besides she is the only one who appreciates my guitar playing.

but, in the other side my dad likes pink floyd, led zeppelin and i found viagra in his car.
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my dad. I can jam with him on all the epic songs and hes laid back and cool. Unlike my mom, on the other hand
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Iunno, haven't seen my dad since I was 7, ain't seen my mom for a couple months.
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How can you like your father more? I guess I just don't get how you can be super close with your dad.
I can't answer that.

My mom doesn't get really pissed when I fuck up, and my dad is the one who I can jam with (he's a drummer).

So both.
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My dad. We're closer to best friends than we are father and son. My mum is more of a parental figure and is hard on me to study etc. I go to my dads to relax and get away from it all and much around.
I voted for my mom but really I like them both equally now that I've moved out. When I lived at home I didn't like my dad at all.
my mom. my dads always hollars and drinks, hes an asshole, but when hes not doing any of that hes pretty nice.
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My mother is a cunt.
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this is a hard question for me, because my dad has made a lot of bad choices, and up until recently was a really bad parent. if you'd asked me this question a year ago, i would have said my mom. but now he's kind of gotten himself together, and its really nice, so i don't know :/
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I voted for my dad, because he had to raise me and my 3 brothers when we were all teenagers.
My mom left him when i was about 12-13 years old.
I'm close with both my parents, but my dad has always been there for me.
Both, I cant choose who I love or even like more, I'm just thankful that I get to have both of them .
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