I got an audition for my school's guitar ensemble, and I'm a bit nervous, alright, I'm very nervous because I know I'm good (not being cocky, just saying), but I don't want to mess up and embarrass myself, any tips to help nervousness?

BTW I know fapping works, but it's at school, I'm not doing it, no, no.
don't bother saying it, please
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If your good, then you have it. If your not. You dont. Simple eh?
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Well, if fapping is out of the question, just practice a lot and be confident.

I find it helps to just pretend no one is listening and picture that I am playing alone in my bedroom.

Alos, you would probably get more/better replies in musician talk.
practice. it sounds lame but that's pretty much the only key to everything. if you practice, you'll know it better. if you know the material better, you will be more confident. confidence will make you less nervous
I usually kinda feed off of the stress to play better sometimes too
smoke a bunch of pot b4 u audition
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don't wry bout it it'll go away when your on stage and if you **** up don't stop just keep playing no one will notice