I wrote this a little while ago and just want to know what you guys think.
Also, i cant think of a good song title so maybe you could help me with that. Thanks.

Forget about all the pain that takes you away
Forget about all the shit that happens everyday
Forget about him he was wrong for you anyway
Forget about everything don’t be ashamed

We cant go back to the life that we lived before
We cant go back to find the answers we’re looking for
We wont go back to memories of hell anymore
I wont go back to visit them anymore

Things will get better one day soon
Don’t listen to those things they tell you
I’ll be there when you need help to make it through
Im right here just like you need me to
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Sounds very...metalcore to me. Its pretty good, although it gets repetitive, you should have used some different words. I like the message though, kinda reminds me of what I used to do for a few friends back in the day.