I wanna know if the put it through a mixer, use computer programs or put a mic. in front of the amps
i'm not sure, but it's probably fingers > guitar > amp > mic > mixer > recorder (either computer or tape) > CD/Vinyl

that's how many bands do it.

they do it in a pro studio for sure and might use a program like ProTools
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Quote by Kivarenn82
all of the above.

studios have a lot of software and outboard gear to add a ton of FX.
most of the audio probably is fed into the interface and digitized to get it into a sequencer.

I'm sure they mic some guitar amps.
I'm sure they mic nearly all guitar amps. Whether they use ProTools or not is largely irrelevant. If they use Cubase, Sonar, Radar, Logic, whatever has really no significant bearing on what the guitar sounds like. It comes down to the sound in the room, the mic, and the preamp.

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