im debating health care for smokers in school, i was curious what other peoples opinions are on smokers getting health care or not getting it
depriving people of health care for buying and using a perfectly legal product for it's intended use isn't cool
True, but for he sake of the neg, they've done this to themselves and, like an insurance compan, the government won't take to kindly to that. (even though this whole subject is stupid: they're people, if they suck at life, then give 'em money...)
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I loled
if you're going to deny smokers health insurance, why not deny people who eat mcdonalds health insurance while you're at it. Both are terrible for your health
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It's sad how the love drug is corrupted with so much bullshit
The tax on cigarettes more than pays for their health care, well in the UK this is true, dunno about elsewhere in the world.
The initial idea of healthcare is to keep EVERYONE healthy regardless.

Not allowing smokers to get healthcare is the same as not allowing a fat person to get health care. The both live harmful lifestyles and in most cases they perpetuate that lifestyle themselves. But it is still a doctors job to walk into that hospital/practice everyday and treat everyone equally, regardless of how the patient treats their body, it's in their oath to do so.
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