i was gonna buy this guitar and just mod the crap out of it.


new machine heads
new bridge
new pickups
maybe new wiring

other than that, is this a good guitar for a mod project?
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If you gunna mod the shit out of it,
i'd say just buy one depending on feel

i forgot the point,
i'd say yes, my friend has it,
and he loves it, but again,
I think it looks fine for modding. However I'm personally against most modding, just because... if you buy that guitar and then throw about $300 into it to get all of the mods you listed, you've spent +$400 and yet you have the same 2 pieces of wood you started with, along with any of the problems that guitar might have, not saying it will but it's usually safe to assume that a cheap guitar will stay a cheap guitar. Or you could just spend that $400 on something like this:


Same body shape, but chances are good it'll have better wood, electronics, and just overall be higher quality.

That being said, this is all my opinion, and if you have your heart set on modding, don't let me stop you. It does look like a good guitar to mod, play it first and see if it's worth the time and money.