is there any exercises (other than just over and over again) that can help learn how to slap not only faster, but just being more comfortable and not hitting other strings while you slap?
Unfortunately, over and over again is the way to go. Practice makes perfect! Slapping over and over again, slapping up and down different strings, is a great way to get used to how it feels and increase accuracy.
play a hand drum. slap like that.
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I find simple little things when i'm away from my bass help actually. I'll be on the bus, i'll be listening to music and i'll slap the bass line out with my right hand on the nearest object. If I have the space I line up 4 objects and hit them for different strings. Ok...this sounds like a strange OCD problem lol.

For me the hardest part was getting comfortable with it, with the position of the thumb and the act of striking an area(the string) with my thumb. So I thought, try it away from the bass and make it a "second nature" thing.

Oh yea, don't forget to do some slapping on the actual instrument! lol.