i love slapping and am finally getting used to it. but now i can't find any jazzy (ish) songs that at least have a little slapping in it. i can't do anything crazy like the pros can but is there any good songs to help start out?
Higher Ground by the Chilis. not jazz, but a good practice riff.
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People also fall on Can't Stop by RHCP to be a good beginner slap song, I don't know about jazzy though.
i agree, cant stop and higher ground (higher ground still is my fav song of all time to play thats not mine on bass) but id say taste the pain and knock me down by rhcp both great
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Higher Ground by the Chilis. not jazz, but a good practice riff.

I agree. This was the first song I ever slapped and popped on. And one year later whenever I'm going to do a bit of slapping, I use this riff to warm up on. It's pretty simple but sounds so nice aswell, gives you a feeling of "I'm actually sounding good!".
Look up some Marcus Miller. There's a few songs that he has that aren't too hard. Should build up your skill a bunch.
A lot of Primus has some fairly easy slap, but you have to have some flamenco skills too. Stuff off of Frizzle Fry fits into that category. There's Take the Power Back by Rage Against the Machine. And Pathos by the Crisis No. 1. The slapping is really easy in that one, just basic octaves, but the music is way good.
Emergency on Planet Earth - Jamiroquai
Fly Away - lenny Kravitz

two good, easy songs to learn slapping.

Then you can step up to Earthquake by Larry Graham.

Then you can learn Pow!!
"If you want me to Stay" - Sly and the Family Stone. God I love that groove, and its been covered by a few fusion jazz groups.

And forget the RHCP version of Higher Ground. Check out Marcus Miller's version on his new album. A bit harder but a whole lot more jazz / funky.