What is the main difference between these articular models:
Mesa boogie dual rectifier
Mesa boogie stiletto deuce II
Mesa boogie roadster

In tone,genre,and overall quality?
the roadster is a dual rectifier, but with a better clean channel and an extra gain channel, plus some other options.

stilettos are the british voiced version of the rectifiers. most of the feaures are the same bu they use el34s instead of 6l6s.
man id give my left nut for a roadster. that is a pretty sounding amp right there
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When you get to amps at that level, choice is based more on opinion than the actual integrity of the amp. If a music store nearby has them, you know what to do.
i tried the roadster the other day with only a 2x12 cab, i nearly creamed my pants. i will have this amp in the near future
roadster = dual rec + lots of cool shit = METALLL.... modern rock! aka huge bottom end

stiletto = does marshall better than marshall... different beast completely. but good.

now mark iv, iii, iic+ = splooge
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I wouldn't say the stiletto does Marshall better than Marshall, IMO, it still sounds like a recto, however it does have a great warm clean tone, and a nice spicy distortion tone. Buuuuut

I'm about 90% sure you can plug some EL34's in the roadster and basically get the same tone as the stiletto. If you're considering a Roadster's new price, go ahead and buy a used Roadking.

I didn't care too much for the mark IV, sounded really plasticky, and fake.
Haven't tried a 3 or 2C+...want a purple stripe and a 2C+ though...
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Mesa boogie dual rectifier - Sort of set the standard for metal tones after it came out, a pretty commonly used head in metal, american voiced

Mesa boogie stiletto deuce II - Used more in the non-metal genres, the gain is more british voiced

Mesa boogie roadster - Mesa basically made an improved and super versatile and complicated rectifier head called the Road King, and the Roadster is simply a stripped down version of that

Probably not much of a difference in terms of quality, all Mesa's are built really well.
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thanks a lot for the feedback,Im in a prog thrash metal band and d lead guitar/rhythm guitar.I want a similar sound to Testament,Megadeth,toxik,Dream theater,nevermore,Trivium,etc.I want something that has really good metal distortion for rhythm and lead but good cleans for the soft stuff.
Sounds like u need a roadster or a mark IV, versatile and they both excel at high gain