Hey UG. I have been playing the guitar for awhile now and I would consider myself an intermediate player and I am interested in enrolling in my highschool's jazz band. However I believe that the ability to read traditional musical notation is a prerequisite of taking the class. So I come to you to ask, what is the best software to use to learn this? I am taking lessons from an instructor right now and he is teaching me scales, and modes, and chords all relating to the jazz genre right now but I only have so much time with him and having had good results when working with instructional software in the past I feel that I could use it to accomplish the task without taking his take (its mostly just memorization is it not?). What do you guys think?
I'm not sure how much help this will be, but if you have Guitar Pro 5, you can turn off the tab and try and read the sheet music only. That's the only idea I've got.
I learned to read the notation by reading BOOKS (What, you mean those things made of paper?). Then, whenever I learned a song on GuitarPro I would take away the tab so there was only notation. Now I'm pretty proficient.