I know this has been done a million times but here's a million and one. I am now renting an apartment with a 1 car garage/storage space and I want to put an amp in there that's gonna be stationary. I do not want to lug my tube amps out to a garage and I think a solid state would be best as it will not be heated unless I'm in there (tube amps would get really cold in the winter). so my question is what ss amp should I get? It would probably be used mostly for noodling on so nothing really special is required here's my requirements:

- has to be SS
- budget is under $400
-can be any wattage somthing over 30w is preferred
- can be combo or halfstack (in which case just the head as I can find a cheap cab)
- has to be very versatile as when I'm noodlin any style is played (death metal, metal, rock, blues, classical, country ect.)
-dont care if its used

I think I got everything. help a brotha out!!! cheers
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Kustom amps have some great solid state offerings. Lots of Crunch and a very even response. Check out the Quad line.

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