I am trying to find which telecaster is better to the normal guitarist Opinion so you can be biased just do say Eww Telecasters Suck Get a Strat(or any guitar for that matter) because i made up my mind for a tele and my parents are buying for me so the guitar is going to get sentimental value Note: If i use these http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/EMG-EMGT-Single-Coil-Tele-Active-Pickup-Set?sku=301520 can i make a American tele better for heavy sounds while keeping the tele sound I dont mean a ibanez sound or anything just more acceptable for heavier sounds like the HHs are





Please pick the one with the best value
I prefer the '72 Classic
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I'm thinking the 1st one, not to say the other ones aren't great.
I'm a fan of the '72 deluxes, the spalted maple one does look nice though. I wouldn't put EMGs in a tele, but thats just my opinion.
The spalted maple one is really sweet lookin, never played it though. I have played the 72 Deluxe, and it's very nice, I'd go with either one of those two. I wouldn't be too worried about changing the pickups in either of them, they should do just fine.
If you're getting a Tele, you gotta get something with a single coil pickup in the bridge. Period.

I'd like to try a Squier Tele with P-90's.


Listen to Johnny Cash "Live at Folsom Prison" for Telecaster reference tone. If you get tone like Luther Perkins, you're done.
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If you're getting a Tele, you gotta get something with a single coil pickup in the bridge. Period.

I tend to believe this also, that said if it was my only guitar I would get the spalted maple one.
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None of those are teles.

BUt id go for either the first or the last, because i hated the '72 custom i tried, cant say anything about the Deluxe really, but if its anything like the custom stay a mile away. Unless you like horrible sticky baseball necks and ugly weak lifeless tone.
In my opinion, you buy a tele to sound like a tele, so why change out the pups for something heavier? Just get a different guitar that does what you want? But if I was picking it would probably be the 72
I'm not much on HH Tele's, so I'd say the '72 Classic with the single coil in the bridge. If it were me though, and I was just going to change the pickups out for something else, I would just buy a cheaper Tele and save some money since you're spending 175 bucks on pickups.

If you want a Tele with distortion though just look at the Jim Root Tele. After you buy the guitar and new pickups you would have spent around the same amount of money anyway. Jim Root Tele
the deluxe 72 is a nice guitar. However I agree it doesnt have the famous twang, I like the
standard 72. If I am honest it just depends on if you need that extra grit and grunt from the humbucker, otherwise get a standard tele.
I am torn between two telecasters myself, and its a hard choice.
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Yeah that's another option, although I haven't heard or played the J5 before. I think it's a little cheaper though if I'm not mistaken.

Yer they are a bit cheaper, I too havent played one, but from what I hear, they are fantastic?
I'd get the spalted maple one. It can get much heavier than any other one because of the seymour duncans. And It's got a coil tap so you can get single coil sounds. It also looks the best out of the four.