I have a computer (running Windows XP), an electronic keyboard, an electric guitar, an acoustic electric guitar, some microphones, and a Firewire 410. Where do I go from here to start being able to record stuff? I'm completely new to this so ANY information will be greatly appreciated. ^^

The Firewire is like a sound card, so do I just need some monitors to be able to hear what's being played? It shows up on the computer that it's reading it, and on the firewire itself, there's just no sound coming out =/ or showing up in the Ableton program or w/e came with it.
i'd follow the walkthrough in ableton to set up your I/O and figure out arming and recording of tracks. Also, get some half-decent monitoring speakers because normal speakers really are no good for it.
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Go into your program (sequencer) and set the input and output to the new interface.
either get some nice studio monitors and set them up correctly or plug in some high priced, ($100+) headphones.

First disable your stock sound card so it doesn't mess with any of the new gear.