The mojo stuff is cheaper, but if you don't need as much wire I suppose you could use that site.
It looks like either the same or similar to what Mojotone has, and that's good wire. I haven't found any cheaper source for cloth wiring.
Is 22 the 'normal' gauge for guitat electronics, pedals and amps, or is 26?
Well- guitars, pedals, and amps are three different entities.
In guitars, 22 is average, maybe a little on the bigger side.
In pedals, there's usually very little real wire due to PCBs, but for handmade stuff 22 is big. I've never seen cloth wiring in a pedal, it doesn't make a lot of sense to use there.
For amps, different places get different gauges. 22 is average for most of the circuit, with the exception being the heaters which are usually smaller. In cabs you want something big to handle the current- 16 and larger is common.
Yeah, mojo is cheaper. for some reason I thought they charged 37$ instead of 25.