I learned Bombtrack today (definitely not up to speed or all together yet) but i have weird regressing tendancies when learning a song. I'd freshly play a riff from the song at a decent speed nearly flawlessly one second, but after i repeated the riff to get it down over and over, i would tend to get more jumbled up as i went. It mostly happened when i started thinking to much on what my fingers were doing instead of letting my muscle memory flow.

Is this partly because i'm still really noobish to the guitar? that might make sense cause my picking is usually what throws me off. Or is it something i'm doing wrong?

I also would work on the intro to bombtrack for about an hour, but then come back to the main riff of the song and it would sound alot worse compared to the way i was playing it before i switched to work on the intro. Of course, this was only day 1 of working on Bombtrack, so it's understandable, but i just wanna see if this is normal or something i'm doing wrong..

sry for the lengthy rambling, but help will be appreciated
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Same thing happens to me somethimes. Just keep practicing and don't think about it so much, just do it. If I think about certain things too much, I wind up screwing it up. If I just let rip without thinking about it, I play it great.
#1 you are overthinking

#2 if you recorded yourself initially you probably sounded worse than when you were playing it now. It's like getting a new piece of gear. You, at first, love it, then find something wrong with it. It seems like it's gotten worse, but it really hasn't, you are just picking out imperfections.
but i did start playing it worse. After i played it perfect, i would start thinking about the picking and screw up on it. I didn't necessarily get worse, but just played it shittier. I sometimes can't help but to think about it more but it's good other people do it to. I need to just not think and play