hi i was wondering if anyone has a bit of experience with bc rich guitars, are they good quality and well made (espesially the fretboard), because i was looking into a nj deluxe warbeast, and
a jr. v nj deluxe. are they as good as dean (razorbacks)?

also i saw this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MKjDbmBxy0
where roope latvala shows and talks about his guitars, and he says on his bc rich, it has girly les paul scales on it. is this true on all bcrich guitars?

the NJ series guitars are pretty good (better than the razorbacks in that price range for sure) but you really need to try anything like that before you buy it.
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No guitar's 'better' than another guitar.
The NJ series of BC Rich is REALLY good, but Warbeasts often are NOT good. Grow some balls, buy a beast if you want a BC Rich. Or a mockinbird.