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October fields,
Autumn leaves are falling in my head,
Summer rain kills me,
The winter blues thrill me,
But the wind will never send us far enough,
And what good has the spring done?
At least I know the summers on its way,
The summers on its way.

Night is calling,
Raindrops falling,
The sun outside,
No place to hide,
The moon rises in the sky,
As the sun creeps back behind its lies,
The Earth will soldier on.

This placid lake,
Can’t kill the fun,
We’ll keep on trying,
Till summer is gone,
And waves come crashing down eventually,
We’ll hope that it’s better next time around,
The Earth will soldier on.

The sun shines in my backyard,
As it showers me with pity,
It showers me with pity.
I'm here to help

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