Your head is pounding and your chest is tight but believe me you're fine
If you do the math you know if she was yours and only yours she'd be home tonight
And when you sleep alone you know what she's thinking and you can't change her mind
Because no matter what wrong she's done to you, you know she's right

But we're all like that
We're all pathetic

Your head is spinning and you're overwhelmed in frequency
You'll always want to be her lover but forgiveness is quite another thing
She's not the girl you once loved and she never will be
Fu*cking him was one sin, but loving him was another entirely

But we're all like that
We're all pathetic

It's about those moments in a relationship where you finally realize that you were wrong all along, and she's not the same girl she used to be. But how in one way or another, you've done your share of damage. Or something like that.

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Its too short really I like it though, very literal message and its very clear, but I still think its too short. You could have expanded it more, and describe the character's deep worries, more on how's he feeling physically, what do his eyes look like even in the darkness of things. You could have said more about this girl, what has the relationship been like. Again, just expand more on it and I think it will make a great piece of writing.
this is really quite good!
it doesn't rely on ridiculous metaphors or overly complex syntax to get its point across
and normally, literal lyrics end up sounding like they were written by 12 year old
good charlotte fans
this obviously doesnt sound like that...

i don't know why im writing this, as it really doesnt give any usable advice
but i dont think you need any
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