Which is better is personal preference. In general I would assume that quilted maple is more expensive as it is a more beautiful tonewood though I am not certain.
I don't know about that anymore. Mahogany is getting scarce, so prices are going up.
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Tom183 is right that neither is any better than the other. It's just up to personal preference.

Quilted maple still seems to be considerably more expensive than mahogany based on some quick online catalog browsing.

What guitars are you looking at? Unless you are looking at guitars in a very high price bracket, you aren't going to find solid quilted maple.
Quilted Mahogany, Especially from the "The Tree" is about as expensive as you can get. Right up there with Brazilian Rosewood. It's a great sounding wood. An leans more toward brazilian in sound because it is SO dense. I couple are on EBAY right now used, between $6000 and $8000.00. I love the stuff and have grown my personal collection over the years.

Well, I'm going to assume you're trying to decide between the Seagull 25th Anniversary Edition, because it comes with either quilted maple or mahogany back/sides.

If this is the case, I would go with the mahogany because its solid wood, as opposed to the laminate quilted maple.

Now, as for tonal differences, maple has a brighter, more biting high-end. Mahogany has a warmer tone than maple. Personally, I don't like bite-y high ends, so I prefer mahogany over maple. But it really is just a matter of preference.
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