these guys have just completely screwed me over off 120 quid and im so intensely angry at the moment

any ideas how to drag their name through dirt?
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i bought a cd player, and when i recieved it i noticed that it didn't do what i wanted. my bad. and according to the distance selling regulations i can send it back and get my money back.

this was 6 months ago - trying to get in contact has been hell as they are a small badly run company. anyway, with parcelforce we made a recorded, signed for delivery - surely the ultimate proof?! nope, they refuse to have got it despite the fact that one of them signed for it.

now? they have the cd player and my 120 quid.
Phone up trading standards and all that and get them involved, get some advice and if they think you have a case, small claims court
yeh i'm tempted, but by them saying they don't recognise the signature as one of their own guys i'm not sure if i have a case.

although also by law he should have sent the 120 quid anyway, as they do not need to receive the product first. but when he starts hanging up on you (thats right, the manager hanging up on customers) what can you do?
call him and say u want your moneys back and when he agues tell him that your about to call trading standards.
this alone may help
BUT calling trading standards and letting them know is a good idea. sometimes all that is requirde is an email or a phone call from them to said buisnees is all it take.
if this does not get resolved call today tonight or its britsh(im assuming ur british) equivilent, or a "hard hitting" current affairs program.
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firebombing the offices sounds so tempting. man i wish i knew how to hack websites codes too.

trading standards it is!