I think I might be developing carpal tunnel in my right hand and honestly I feel like absolute shit. Sometimes I just have slight burning sensations in my right wrist out of nowhere, and today I woke up with numbness in my pointer finger. Is their anyway way I can stop this? These things don't really " hurt " but I really don't want to stop playing guitar in the future. My hands also don't feel like they're getting weak, but that could happen sooner or later. I've gotten rid of arm pain by using classical position. Holding the pick as always hurt my fingers to a certain point and I hold it the regular way, just with my other three up instead of hanging. Do you guys know of anything that I can do to stop this?

Ugh, why does this have to happen? I don't even practice that much.
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Well have you gone to a doctor? He probably knows more than this forum. Going to a doctor is the only way you can fix this.

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Man I hate to hear that! I wouldn't freak out though. Lots of musicians get CTS. If I were you I would go see a doc and at least find out for sure. Make sure you warm up your hands before doing any kind of fast picking or anything that causes it to tingle and burn! Good Luck!


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Go to the doctor, probably get some physio. And also buy a powerball, mine has helped alot, not for CTS, but a recurring wrist injury I had since I punched a bag wrong once.
even if you have it, its pretty easily correctable, you will be out of the game for 2 weeks at most
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I started getting the same problems. A friend of mine is a nurse and said to wear one of those wrist braces at night for 6 weeks. Along with doing a slow steady warmup each time before playing has resolved it.
This is why every guitarist needs to learn stretching exercises. Even more important if you're a bassist.
Make sure there isnt anything else thats messing up your wrists, i had RSI from what i thought was my guitar, but it turned out it was from the way i rested my arm while using a keyboard, so i guess you could try sopping activites that use your wrist alot to try and find out which thing it is that causes the pain.
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