Just wanted to know if any of you guys ever played with a setup like this.

A friend of mine is getting quite fond of the Guitar Rig 3 software, and I wanted to know how does the quality compares to other modeling shit (like Amplitube, Peavey MK III or even Line 6 GearBox and POD's).

I mean, it obviously lacks organics (when compared to the real thing), but the variety of sounds you can get of these kind of rigs is amazing...

And for the ones that already have Guitar Rig, with €500 you can buy a keyboard amp like the Roland KC-350 and have a pretty powerful rig.

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I'm not an expert in this area so bump for ya. I hear good things about Guitar Rig 3 and I believe as long as you have a poweramp (maybe a preamp to) you can plug PA speakers into it. If you don't get any good answers here go ask/search around in Riffs and Recordings Forum. Good luck.