Having seen Schenker play last night for the second time in a year and for the second time in a year been blown away by him, I am really thinking about getting the dean schenker v.

Just wondering if anyone had any experience of them? Either the Custom or the standard would be helpful.

While I'm at it - has anyone got/played the schenker acoustics that Dean do? They are also rather sexy.....

Michael Amott uses Schenker V's now.
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my buddy had one i think. its the 2tone one right? if it is, then dont get it. it was utter garbage.
I have the Standard, it's been great. For a 300 dollar guitar, it has really held up, especially when I was a guitar n00b and would overtighten strings until they snapped off, and all the other rookie mistakes I made. I might have just got a good one though.

Just replace the bridge pickup, and you'll be fine.
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I almost bought the low end one last year, its a ****ing brilliant guitar, the neck playsl like a dream!

Just couldnt afford it at the time
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