I want to buy a new Tele neck fo my sg. The Tele neck has a scale of 25.5 but my sg is 24.75. Would this cause any problems with tuning or sound. I know they make tele necks with a 24.75 scale but those are out of my price range.

I love the look of Tele headstocks.
I'm guessing all you'd have to worry about is re-setting the intonation at the bridge to suit the new scale, I can't think of anything that could go wrong otherwise.
If you have a bolt on epi SG then it will take some work to get a tele neck to even fit. And even more work if its a set neck doubt it would work at all. Only way I know of a tele neck fitting a SG is the warmoth guitars because all their stuff is made to fender neck pocket specs even then you would have to order the body with the tele neck pocket. Dont think there is going to be a low cost solution to what you are wanting.
You will have to move the bridge further back to change scale lengths.

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