My friend recently purchased a VERY FINE new bass (Second one down, the ESP Buzz Bass)and now needs a good amp to compliment it, his budget can stretch up to 600 so I pointed him to a Hartke Hydrive 112C. However I'm more of an expert when it comes to electric guitars and guitar amplification rather electric bass guitars and bass amplification so I thought a second opinion definitely wouldn't hurt.

To be honest he's not really looking for a specific sound in general so an amplifier that isn't a one trick pony and covers a good tonal range would be ideal. Also to note his bass uses an Active EQ and Active pups (not too sure on the pups per say, but the EQ is definitely Active) so the amp should also work well with those. So with that said all suggestions are welcome, especially if you can include videos that demo the amp's sound.
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look at the gallien krueger backline 210, or he should look at a 1/2 stack
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I'd like to stick with combo amps since he isn't gigging around yet but he does record a lot so it's more than for recreational purposes, plus from what I've heard the Hydrive is plenty loud for small gigs so I can imagine any other combo amp that is better would be just fine. Plus like once he does start gigging he could use the amp til he gets enough to buy a half stack.
For 600, the Hydrive is just fine. There's also the Peavey TNT115, the Fender Bassman 250/115, and the SWR WorkingPro 12

Honestly with that sort of budget I'd pass on the backline series...budget amps really aren't GK's strong point.
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