My birthdays coming up and I'm gonna buy a new amp. my budget is $100-200 and i'm looking for a 30w or lower tube amp. I don't gig but it is very possible that the opportunity will soon arise. I was looking at a Crate V33-212 33W 2x12 combo amp, but my dad says crate's no good. Opinions?
for that much money good luck. i'd say save up around 400 but for the cheapest ur best bet might be the epi valve jr or blackheart. or you could save up more for a fender blues jr. but basically for a decent tube amp u need more money
edit: you could also go used
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The Crate V series are pretty good and that's probably the best you're going to get in that price range unless you find someone selling something used that's in real need of money.
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i would watch out for the new crates. they now produce them overseas. the ones made in St. Louis are great amps but they are the older ones. either a palomino or the black V. these are identical amps circuit-wise. make sure its made in the US or it is probably crap. so long story short you should be hunting craigslist or ebay. i got my V3112 off ebay for 300.
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crate makes decent amps but not in that price range. No one makes a good tube amp in that price range. What you might be able to do is find a used Demonizer or Solid Metal tube pre-amp. Damage Control makes them. They are floor pre-amps that have 2 12AX7 tubes built in and produce "tube amp like" tones. For your budget this may be your best bet.
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Sorry, but I disagree with everyone saying "It's not a good amp. Just look at the price"

Therefore equating the price with the quality. Newsflash: The prices are clearance prices. These amps were twice what they are now not but 3 months ago.

Also, for those saying they suck because they aren't MIA- Vox amps are made in Vietnam. Probably in the same factory as the Crates.

All in all: They are worth more than what you pay for them. A good buy.
The crate V 18s are pretty good, so are the fender champ 600s
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save up around 400 and get a used blues junior.
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Ask your dad if he has played the V18-212. I bet he would buy in if he did. But, more importantly, what kind of music do you play?