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I have seen a few on ebay where this has been done, is it illegal ?

its only illegal if you try to sell it as a fender afterwards.
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No I mean I have seen some for sale on ebay listed as fenders then when you read the listing it says its a squire thats been "upgraded" I thought that was illegal, just wondering if it is illegal ot not
If it's just a decal on a Squier, and it's being sold as a Fender, then yes, it's illegal. If they've put a Fender neck on to a Squier, then I dunno, that'd probably be okay.
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oh...then yeah, its illegal to sell something that it is not

Illegal to sell something as something that it is not.

If the person states what it is truthfully, and someone buys it, then it's their fault if it's not what they want, not the retailer's.
But doesnt the seller have to bound by the law, if it is illegal to sell the item with a fake decal.
then they shouldnt be selling it, isnt it that simple
It isn't illegal as long as they STATE that it's not a Fender.

You can contact the ASA (I think - It may be an other one. It's been a while since we did this in Business Studies) if you feel someone is Falsely adverting a product.
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As stated, it's legal if you don't attempt to commercially sell it as a Fender.
You'd be able to say to your friend "I'm selling a Fender, wanna buy it?" cos then it's their own stupidity, but if you, say, put it on ebay and said "Selling a Fender strat" that'd be illegal, you'd need to say "Squier strat with Fender decal" or summin.
This is listed as a FENDER TELECASTER

then in the listing they admit its not, just a decal, and then state its a squier neck, they "think"
but they dont know what the body is
surely that can not be legal
Punk_Ninja: you just said exactly what I said, but took longer to say it!

stereohigh: that would be illegal, but they have at least, in the description, stated it's not a Fender. If they titled it "Fender Telecaster Copy", then it'd be okay, or if they just changed it to "Telecaster", or "Squier Telecaster", or something like that, but as the title says it's a Fender, when it's not, then it's illegal.
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If you look on craigslist and whatnot, they do the same thing.

They can make the title whatever they want, as long as they say it's a squir somewhere, they can call it a fender because it's a "Fender Squier" or "Squier by Fender." Since fender owns squier. It's like saying gibson lp and then they call it an epiphone in the actual description
The fine print can kill you. They can technically get away with as long as somewhere it says its not an actual fender. And yet people wonder why fender and other major brands dont want to sell the headstock decals for their guitars.