I started Playing Bass just 2 months ago.
and all my stuff are for guitars . (Amps , effects )
I recently bought a Bass Overdrive stompbox
and I'm just wondering if I can use it with my guitar amp here.
I short circuited my old guitar amp when i plugged the bass overdrive once since i had my little brother plug it for me (he plugged the plug in the OUT port) [POP! went my Bass overdrive] now , my friend left his priced laney to me and im having second thoughts about using my bass stuff with this amplifier. and is it possible that my [new] will get whacked too if i fo it?
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don't plug a bass guitar into an electric guitar amp if that is what you are asking.

if the Laney is a bass amp you shouldn't have any problems just don't plug your bass guitar into the Output jack of pedal. That is what goes to amp.

and why did you make your little brother do it? seems lame.
yeah i know. dont.

this lanes is a guitar amp
this is what happened : he plugged the amp to the wrong side of the overdrive .

im really sorry for making this lame thread.
but please understand that i was going to shoot a short video with him playing and thats what happened.

now if you think its lame.
please fukk off.
Opeth = WIN
there is no reason to get that way with me.

you should be lucky i even took the time to try to understand your thread and bump it for you since it was on the 5th page.


i re-read your first post and there is no way anyone would have known otherwise outside of what you said.

1.) don't plug a bass guitar into a guitar amp
2.) make sure you plug the cables from guitar to pedal to amp in the correct order (you or your brother)whatever
zoso knows his stuff, please don't start fights in gg&a. We get it that you're frustrated but that's what little bros are for.

You shouldn't use bass with any guitar amp, but you can use guitar effects for your bass, as long as you run them into the bass amp and not a guitar amp. I think you should be able to run bass effects through a guitar amp as well.

They might not sound very good though.