Ok so i'm experienced at rock rhythm guitar but me and my mate have started a new metal band and we're wondering what simple metal songs there are. At the moment we are learning Rammstein Sonne as it is a simple song. can you suggest some songs please?
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Between the Buried and Me
Dream Theater

All easy.

Seriously, Rammstein, some Metallica, some Megadeth, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, Tool, Pantera, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed
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Some Iron Maiden... Like the song Iron Maiden!

Judas Priest also has some easy ones, The Ripper, Breaking the Law, You've Got Another Thing Coming.

Metallica is like simple metal gold: Four Horsemen, Enter Sandman, Seek and Destroy.

Usually some really insane bands (like Metallica sometimes and Megadeth and such) have simple songs. A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth is an example as is Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.