Ive been listening to the arusha accord for the past month or so and theyve just blown me away with their style of playing. so complex and technical but melodic and ive been trying to write that way since but with no luck. today tho it just kinda clicked and i feel im making progress so heres the start of a song im writing.

Hopefully its as interesting as their music is and keeps you on edge with the complex timings and wandering licks and riffs.

I have completed the first 5 bars with both guitars and drums but after that its only one of the guitar parts and i will layer another guitar on top like i have with the first few bars, and the 2 guitars will rarely play the same thing throughout the song.

anyhoo check it out and tell me how its going so far

it might take a few listens to get into it

Edit: btw check out this band http://www.myspace.com/thearushaaccorduk seriously one of the best bands ive ever heard.
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quality man, thats decent stuff. its tech but not too wanky, its not wanky at all atually. keep it up
Hi guys,
cheers for giving a sh*t about the band!

we're just confirming some dates for the new record as we speak
expect us to be in the studio(outhouse) early April for an early June release.

if you want to suggest any towns/citys we should think about playing, we'll be touring extensively next year!


Ha, cool that someone from the band pops in. Quality stuff, it is!

Just as a slight nitpick, more directed at the OP though, I wouldn't call this style "Progressive" per se. Not that it really matters in the way of just creating cool music, but I think there is some sort of general concensus about Progressive as a genre (note the capital P), and if I were to file this, I'd probably pick something like Mathcore as a label - of course, that can be progressive (note the lowercase p) too.

Anyway, now onto the particular song: I like the style, and the riffs so far show that you know what you're doing. What is left up to see is if you can arrange this in a somewhat engaging order - now of course listenability is a transient line for different people, and you should only do what you personally like, but I've seen too many songs with generally great ideas that are literally wasted in a riff salad. As in, you listen to a song and go "hey man this is a really cool riff", only to find out it's played only for 5 seconds and the next 32 riffs they throw at you aren't as engaging and feel slightly, contrived just to underscore some forced notion of 'proggy' or 'tech'.
Personally, your opening riff(s) treaded that line, so far nothing's totally out of line, but I see some definite potential for some 'tightening' that brings out more of the melodic/rhythmic strenghts of that riff. For example, I like the way how it segues into the 7/8 riff in bar 16, now I just wish that riff would stay longer and be more developed. My favorite prog/tech/math bands are not the ones that jump from riff to riff and roll the dices every other bar to throw a new timesignature at you, but who are able to bring out new creative twists on riffs that captivate, be it a certain oddtime rhythmic offset that creates an interesting groove, or an engaging harmonic pattern that captivates - point is, though, that those ideas then also need some time to be able to come out and shine. I'm thinking (newer) Btbam or (older) Misery Signals here for progressive, technical and just engaging music. Personal opinion though.

Anyways, I'm definetly interested in how this will develop, keep it up!
Quote by paularusha

if you want to suggest any towns/citys we should think about playing, we'll be touring extensively next year!

Ballycastle, Northern Ireland pls

but in all seriousness you needa hit up belfast at least, also not between 22nd November and 18th April as ill be living in switzerland

but yeah wtf at you popping in get your guitarists on here

also Ailes, i know you may not like riff salads but its not like theyre all going to be completely unrelated, ill have certain themes that ill touch back on here and there. probably not gonna keep the clean stuff- dist stuff after the fade, thats just there as an idea. just needa get the other guitar part done from bar 8 on so you get what kinda stuff im trying to get at.

also that 7/8 riff thing is getting cut and im putting a better riff in

cheers for the comments so far guys
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hey guys i wanted to hear what this would sound like with all instruments so i recorded a quick rough version of it, the mp3 is on my profile if you wanna check it out, obviously its a bit rough and i havent got it completely nailed but its good ot give a rough idea of the sound im aiming for


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whoah, very nice dude. I really like the style of this one. This is the kinda stuff I wanna start writing, really melodic, but with that techy kinda progressive feel. The first 24 bars are pretty much perfect as they are, and I really like how you've evolved with your drums. The little break with the jazz guitar was nice, but I think it would've sounded better if you had arpeggiated the notes and let them ring out and then come in with the riff on distortion. It's a pretty good start man, and I'm really lookin forward to the final product, and make sure you put some damn bass in for once! haha :p
you should really get the arusha accords e.p if you like this, its amazing.

anyhoo did you check out the actual rough recording of it i made on my profile?
I like it, but i think its too much of a TAA copy. The quiet part with the jazz guitar around bar 30 is really nice, love the drumming there.

Its decent, but like i said, its too much of a copy.